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Une Vision Locale et Régionale de l’Europe 2030

Stéphane Guérard

Antoniu Tudor

Europe’s vision for 2030 relies on the impact of European and international actors’policies on European local and regional governments while strengthening their local autonomy with a view to make it evolve their role and, why not, saving the European project. Local governments are the most able to exercise much more powers over their territories and to take responsibility for their execution; as for the Nation-State, it must be more focused on its roles as controller and evaluator of the local public action. In addition, local and regional governments can provide the necessary solutions that Nation-States cannot solve alone; to save money that international institutions impose. In order to solve the challenges of our time, a special attention is paid to state reform, the status of local public officials (dealing with issues related to basic public services) and the evaluation of the local public action by fighting against the formulas of the privatization of public action, while promoting, but framing them, the public-private partnerships.