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The Roadmap Of Implementing The Balanced Scorecard Marketing To Consolidate The Romanian Judicial System

Cezar Cornneliu Manda

Cristina Elena Nicolescu

Dragos Valentin Dinca

The achievement of the competitive success subordinated to the general public interest, by the public organizations is facilitated by the approach of the public marketing vision with an essential role in developing their own organizational strategies. The integration of this vision is facilitated by the implementation of an innovative organizational tool, Balanced Scorecard, used to transpose the strategies in measures with the purpose of communicating the organizational vision. Initially developed for the private environment, currently the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is also used by the public sector, more and more authorities and public institutions in Romania considering it the red thread for achieving organizational performance.
From this perspective, the paper presents the initiative of the Ministry of Justice to obtain an integrated system of strategic management at the level of the judicial system, based on an IT solution of BSC type, in order to increase the quality of the justice act.
The methodology used is preponderantly qualitative and it is based on the analysis of official documents, key information and case study.