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The rights to education, a strategic priority of the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Elena Roxana VIŞAN



This article aims to be an incurs on the evolution and affirmation of the right to education in the human rights system, in order to offer suggestions on collective hope of transforming the world and providing a better future for the next generations. Such a manifestation is achievable by a political will, the creator of an equalitarian model, to redistribute utopian visions of human freedoms. Considered as a unique window to the fundamental problems of human dignity at the societal level, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights affirmed over the seventy years the legitimacy of human rights in the face of global challenges and ensured the diversity of universal thinking. Considered one of the fundamental human rights, yesterday's education, today and tomorrow, is the main pylon in finding answers to global issues. Now is the time to take stock of progress and to identify strategic priority areas for the effective implementation of Agenda 2030 on Global Education.