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The legal, political and economic implications of the brexit

Anca Ioana IANCU

Gheorghe IANCU


This article aims to highlight the effects of the referendum from June 23, 2016 and its results, which were announced on the morning of 24 June 2016 by the Election Commission for the Results of the referendum in Great Britain. In favor of leaving the European Union voted 51,89% (17.410.742) of the participants, and in favor of remaining in the European Union only 48,11% (16.141.241) of the participants.

As a result of the referendum for leaving the European Union there have been occurred substantial political consequences that have influenced the other economic and legal ones.
Of course that Brexit will create problems of adaptation, in very many areas, not only for the United Kingdom, but also for the European Union and especially for the Member States with full rights. It is also almost impossible to analyze only the legal implications of Brexit, without its links to the foundations of such implications, which are also political and economic implications. For these reasons, the present analysis was done by examining the legal implications together with the political and economic ones. In fact, everything that is legal is generated in content and form by the foundations of power in a state, namely the economic and social power, and political means social.