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The inobservance of the special conditions affined to the ballot box in the new penal code

Manea Teodor

The infraction of inobservance of the special conditions affined to the ballot box is staturory in the effective electoral laws as well as in the New Penal Code.
Next to vote malversation, electronic vote malversation, the invasion of voting secrecy, document forgery and electoral inventory forgery, it is part of the issues meant to protect the voting process.
Proper regulation is needed, especially considering that quite frequently election outcomes are close, while there is also to be considered the tremendous pressure from both political forces and public sphere alike. The trust as regards to the content of the ballot box must not be questionable.
The proper regulation of this infraction can serve as a buffer against the perpetration of linked infractions of a penal nature.
After a comparative analysis of the actual regulation and the future one, we believe that the adjusted and regular text of the New Penal Code is welcomed and it should be assumed by the legislator also in its present legal norms, in the context in which the 286/2009 law is deferred.