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Maria Magdalena BÂRSAN

 The paradox of the terrorism: it comes from within us and it is us who need to suffer in the end. Why? Because terrorism is not only the evil that threatens the society, but also the evil that comes from within us, from the obssesive fanaticism of the human being, from the obsession of power, of punishment, of revenge, these visions which darken even the brightest minds.

Terrorism is regulated in the national legislation mainly by the Law 535/2004, regarding the prevention and the combat of the terrorism, in addition to which there are the international regulations, firstly stated by the Convention from 1937, regarding the prevention and the repression of the terrorism, adopted by the Nations League. These international regulations have developped through a multitude of conventions, resolutions and statements of the United Nations Organization.
The vulnerability of the society facing this phenomenon is beyond question, but do we currently really know the level of this vulnerability, its risks or the climax? Are we really capable of finding viable remedies and an efficient treatment? Trying to fiind potential answers to these questions, I fiind of paramount importance to draw the attention, besides the national and international regulations, on the historical aspects of this phenomenon and on the psichology behind the concept of terrorism. I have used the historical-teleological method in order to highlight the evolution of terrorism, the transformations that have occured and the extension of this phenomenon. In order to determine the psychological causes and to establish a connection between the theoretical and the practical aspects, I will be using the logical method. I addition to that, I will be presenting the reaction of the society by adressing two open questions to some people of different ages and with different professions: ”What do you think are the causes of terrorism? What do you consider to be the cure for this phenomenon?” I firmly believe that the answers to these questions will be extremely useful because the fact that society has not enough knowledge about this topic will negatively influence the possibility of finding a real cure and the result will be that  we will become more and more vulnerable.
In the bottom lines of my essay I will be presenting the world of terrorism through the eyes of the ones that are considered the main suspects and the ones who cause this phenomenon, the islamic people. It is time we found aut how they see us. By comparing the two outlooks we can identify the main vulnerabilities of the society and we could fiind the most efficient cure for terrorism.