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Legal regulations for the collection and sharing of data telecommunications in Poland



The article is an analysis of the legal provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure, special Acts and the Telecommunications Law regulates the collection and sharing of telecommunication data in Poland. Analysis of regulations is carried out taking into account the judgment of the Polish Constitutional Court ("TK") of 30 July 2014., Ref. K 23/11 and the judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union ("CJEU") of 8 April 2014. The enforcement of Constitutional Court's

judgment of 30 July 2014 led to the adoption of the Law of 15 January 2016 amending the Acts governing the activities of authorized entities. These studies are related to the project, whose founder is the National Science Centre in Poland, in the competition Opus (registration number of the project 2015/17/B/HS5/00472).