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Comments and comparisons with European electoral laws on the postal voting provisioned by Law number 288/2015

Dragos Lucian Ivan




The purpose of our theoretical research is investigating the manner in which the modifications brought about to Law number 288/2015 concerning the use of the postal vote are able to secure the vote of the person. We are also concerned with the European legislation on this matter, debating similar provisions in the Italian and German electoral law. The right to vote exists in order to be performed, thus we analyzed the proposal in link with its purpose, that of encouraging people to vote. We participate in the voting process, determined to ferret out what the political life has to offer for our democracy, only to end up wondering about ourselves as citizens. The manner in which we construct electoral legislation should be link with the behavior of our citizens, as well as with the findings at the European level. We found that there is inherent insecurity in this type of voting and that Law no. 288/2015 lacks certain provisions that are used in the European legislation.