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Amendments to the Law No. 554/2004 introduced by Law No. 212/2018

Elena-Mihaela FODOR


The paper discusses the amendments regarding the definition of the administrative act, the limitations of the control of the contentious administrative courts, the prior procedure, the object of the legal action, the competence of courts, the parties, the procedure and the enforcement of the court decision. The analysis of the amendments introduced in the Law no. 554/2004 by Law no. 212/2018 is made in corroboration with other normative acts. Generally, the legislator managed to harmonise the provisions of the Law no. 554/2004 with other normative acts and at the same time, to preserve the specific of the contentious administrative. However, dispute procedure for the administrative contracts together with the rules for contesting the first instance decision do not respond to the specificity of the administrative law.