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Instructions for Authors


“Law Review” stands open to studies, articles, comments, analyses and thorough researches established for private law institutions, but also for public law institutions.

A special place in the editorial policy is hold by studies, comments and articles on new regulations, as well as by those referring to comparative law and to the European Union Law.

Also, the review publishes summaries of legal practice, as well as the Romanian and European jurisprudence accompanied by comments drafted in the form of favorable or critical notes substantiated theoretically and practically.

Similarly, attention is directed to articles and studies developed by foreign authors, personalities of law recognized internationally, in order to inform the Romanian reader of the valuable contributions brought by the aforementioned to the enrichment of law doctrine.

Studies and comments promoting the law doctrine must be based on a solid bibliography which should not be deficient in fundamental works published in the country and, insomuch as these are relevant to those writings, those works published abroad. By relevant writings we mean also articles published in ISI Thompson Database indexed journals.

In connection with the reviewing process, it should be pointed out that, with no exception, all works submitted for publication in the review undergo in the first phase analysis and approval undertaken by the editors, the draft summary being laid down by the editor in chief. Works and draft summaries are submitted in time for consideration to two reviewers - members of the editorial board and highly rated academics. During the meeting of the editorial board, the reviewers put forward the content of reports they have been drawing up and together with the review’s editors decide upon the table of contents and papers selected for publication. The basic criteria in the editorial process are the scientific value of materials, the scientific prestige of authors, as well as the review’s readers’ interest, which, for the most part, are its loyal subscribers (legal advisers, judges, lawyers etc.).

The evaluation criteria considered by reviewers in preparing reports can be observed in the review form link.

In compliance with Law no. 8/1996 on Copyright and Related Rights, as subsequently amended and supplemented, the acceptance by the editorial board of materials submitted for publication stands for the valid conclusion of the publishing agreement; according to this agreement, the author assigns the exclusive right of reproduction and dissemination of his work. The publishing agreement is terminated by right if, until the final correction date of the review’s issue, major legislative changes have occurred influencing the content of the issues treated.

The decision on the publication or non-publication will be notified to the author within 45 days of receipt of the article.

Materials submitted to the editorial staff for publication may not be tender to other publications unless their publishing is declined.

Contributors are asked to observe copyright laws completely keeping away of any form of plagiarism and to complete the license to publish the form.

The editorial staff does not assume any responsibility in case of plagiarism, the whole responsibility, both legal (civil, pecuniary, criminal, as appropriate), and in terms of professional ethics devolving exclusively on the author.



    Readers wishing to publish in “Law Review” a material of any kind (study, jurisprudential annotation etc.) are strongly advised to comply with the instructions given below, with the proviso that their infringement may attract non-publication of the material, without further motivation.

The interested authors must use the paper template to form the submitted studies.

Materials for publication shall be submitted by authors exclusively electronically by e-mail at:


Volume X, Issue 2, July-Decembre, posted at 14th of Decembre 2020



Doctrină: autori români şi străini

Multinational Federalism And Devolution

Ovidiu-Horia MAICAN


European Union Law

The Impact Of Brexit On A Series Of European Union Institutional Actors

Claudia Elena MARINICĂ

Divergent Views On The Right To Be Digitally Forgotten: The Opinions Of The General Advocates Vs. The Decisions Of The Court of Justice Of The European Union

Silviu-Dorin ŞCHIOPU


International Law

The Roadmap Of Implementing The Balanced Scorecard Marketing To Consolidate The Romanian Judicial System

Cezar Cornneliu Manda

Cristina Elena Nicolescu

Dragos Valentin Dinca

Improving And Strengthening The Effectiveness Of The Institutional Capacity Of The Judicial System

Teodor Victor ALISTAR


Legal theory

The Rather Ambiguous Notion Of Justice Utilised By The European States

Cătălin Constantinescu-Mărunţel


UE Law and Comparative Law

Does lawrence v. Texas Provide Constitutional Support For Same-Sex Marriage?

Andrei Mărăşoiu

Ability To Administer Justice By The Supervisor Of Credit Institutions (European Central Bank And Bank Of Spain) Regarding The Application Of The Penalty System For Improper Operations Of Banks When Practicing The Functions They Are Allowed To

Diego Perdigón De La Rosa

José Luis Vázquez Burguete

María p. García Miguélez


The influence of human rights on law

The Right To Happiness Of Citizens And The Improvement Of The Quality Of Urban Life


Claudia Elena MARINICĂ

Aspects Regarding The Transposition Of Some Regulations In The Field Of Human Rights And Eu Law In The Romanian Administrative Code

Cristian Vasile BITEA

The Fundamental Right To Education And Religious Freedom



Migration and the law

Immigration And European Solidarity


Alexandra BUCUR

Practical Conditions And Modalities For Taking Over Asylum Seekers At European Union Level In The Context Of Migration Crises

Eleodor PIRVU