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Editorial team


Director of „Dreptul” publications 
Professor Ovidiu Predescu, honorary member of the Legal Research Institute of the Romanian Academy; vice-president of the Union of Legal Advisers in Romania;general secretary of Academy of Legal Sciences of Romania


Editor-in Chief:  

Associate professor Andrei Duțu-BuzuraFaculty of Public Administration, National School of Political and Administrative Sciences


Deputy Editor:

Associate professor Mihaela Tomita, West University of Timisoara


Executive Editor: 

Associate professor Mirela Gorunescu, Nicolae Titulescu University of Bucharest


Associate Editors:

Professor Emeritus Laura Mays, PhD, Tiffin University, Ohio, USA

Lecturer Ioan Lazar, Ph.D, Associated Researcher ”Andrei Rădulescu” Institute for Juridical Research of the Romanian Academy; Lawyer Alba County Bar Association; Lecturer at the National Institute for the Training of Lawyers, Bucharest.


Editorial board 


• Professor Ioan Alexandru, S.N.S.P.A. Bucharest

• Professor Alexandru Boroi, Faculty of Law, "Danubius" University, Galaţi

• Lecturer univ. dr. Daniela Ciochină, Christian University "Dimitrie Cantemir", Bucharest, member of the Superior Council of Magistracy

• Professor Dan Claudiu Dănişor, Rector of the University of Craiova

• Professor Emilian M. Dobrescu, Romanian Academy, Scientific Section Secretary

• Professor Ioan Dogaru, corresponding member of the Romanian Academy

• Professor Corina Dumitrescu, Rector of the Christian University "Dimitrie Cantemir", Bucharest; member of the Superior Council of Magistracy

• Professor Natalie Fricero, University of Nice, director of the Institute of Legal Studies, France

• Professor  Augustin Fuerea, University "Nicolae Titulescu", Bucharest

• Professor Emeritus Dr. Edmond Jouve, “Paris Descartes” University

• Professor univ. dr. dr. h.c. Michael Lang, Head of the Departament of Public Law and Tax Law at the Vienna University of Economics and Busines Administration

• Professor  Pierre Lemieux, Director - Professor of the Higher Institute for International Studies, Laval University, Québec, Canada

• Professor  Ioan Leş, “Lucian Blaga” University, Sibiu, Dean of the Faculty of Law

• Professor  Represa Sacristan Marcos, Rector of the University of Valladolid, Spain

• Professor Viorel Pasca, Vest University from Timisoara, Law School and Administrative Science, Romania

• University lecturer Agata-Mihaela Popescu, Ph.D., Christian University "Dimitrie Cantemir", Bucharest

• University lecturer Horațiu Radu, Ph.D., University of  “A. I. Cuza”, Iași

• Professor  Vasile Stănescu, honorary member of the Romanian Academy

• Professor Neuman Ribera Teodoro, Rector of the Autonomous University of Santiago de Chile

• Associate professor Adrian Truichici, Titu Maiorescu University of Bucharest, Faculty of Law

• Associate professor Nasty Vlădoiu, Faculty of Law, "Transilvania" University, Braşov

• Professor Arroyo Zapatero, President of the European Law Institute of Ciudad Real, Spain.


Advisory board


• Professor Aida Kemelmajer de Carlucci, Faculty of Law of the University of Mendoza, Argentina

• Associate professor Constantin Duvac, Romanian American University, Bucharest

• Dr. Iosif Friedmann-Nicolescu, associated Researcher ”Andrei Rădulescu” Institute for Juridical Research of the Romanian Academy

• Associate professor Gheorghe Gheorghiu, „Valahia” University of Târgovişte, Faculty of Law

• Ph.D. Iulian Ioniță - Associated Researcher ”Andrei Rădulescu” Institute for Juridical Research of the Romanian Academy

• Lecturer Univ. Drd. Nicolae Grofu, “A. I. Cuza” Police Academy of Bucharest

• Lecturer, PhD, Adrian Cristian Moise, Spiru Haret University of Bucharest, Lawyer Dolj Bar Association.

• Professor  Elena Ana Nechita, “Agora” University, Oradea

• Associate professor PhD Adina Georgeta Ponea, Faculty of Law, University of Craiova

• Associate professor Ion Ristea, Faculty of Law and Administrative,University of Piteşti

• Lecturer univ. dr. Constantin Sima, Nicolae Titulescu University of Bucharest, Faculty of Law

• Professor Daniel-Mihail Şandru, European Law Studies Center within the Legal Research Institute of the Romanian Academy

• Associate professor Brândușa Oana Vartolomei, The Department of Law, Bucharest University of Economic Studies

• Expert Victor Velter, UEFISCDI


Editorial Office


• Ciprian Radu, managing editor, Universul Juridic Publishing House, Bucharest




Volume X, Issue 2, July-Decembre, posted at 14th of Decembre 2020



Doctrină: autori români şi străini

Multinational Federalism And Devolution

Ovidiu-Horia MAICAN


European Union Law

The Impact Of Brexit On A Series Of European Union Institutional Actors

Claudia Elena MARINICĂ

Divergent Views On The Right To Be Digitally Forgotten: The Opinions Of The General Advocates Vs. The Decisions Of The Court of Justice Of The European Union

Silviu-Dorin ŞCHIOPU


International Law

The Roadmap Of Implementing The Balanced Scorecard Marketing To Consolidate The Romanian Judicial System

Cezar Cornneliu Manda

Cristina Elena Nicolescu

Dragos Valentin Dinca

Improving And Strengthening The Effectiveness Of The Institutional Capacity Of The Judicial System

Teodor Victor ALISTAR


Legal theory

The Rather Ambiguous Notion Of Justice Utilised By The European States

Cătălin Constantinescu-Mărunţel


UE Law and Comparative Law

Does lawrence v. Texas Provide Constitutional Support For Same-Sex Marriage?

Andrei Mărăşoiu

Ability To Administer Justice By The Supervisor Of Credit Institutions (European Central Bank And Bank Of Spain) Regarding The Application Of The Penalty System For Improper Operations Of Banks When Practicing The Functions They Are Allowed To

Diego Perdigón De La Rosa

José Luis Vázquez Burguete

María p. García Miguélez


The influence of human rights on law

The Right To Happiness Of Citizens And The Improvement Of The Quality Of Urban Life


Claudia Elena MARINICĂ

Aspects Regarding The Transposition Of Some Regulations In The Field Of Human Rights And Eu Law In The Romanian Administrative Code

Cristian Vasile BITEA

The Fundamental Right To Education And Religious Freedom



Migration and the law

Immigration And European Solidarity


Alexandra BUCUR

Practical Conditions And Modalities For Taking Over Asylum Seekers At European Union Level In The Context Of Migration Crises

Eleodor PIRVU