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The right to education - a sine qua non condition in the training of respect for the Law

Candidate Elena Roxana VISAN


The reform of the Romanian education system introduced a number of educational policies and practices oriented toward the concern of human rights and of fundamental freedoms, achieving a concordance between the principles of a democratic society: pluralism, the rule of law and the separation of powers in the state and the representativeness.
The evolution of the society based on values such as freedom, justice, equality, responsibility and tolerance can not be maintained only by the affirmation of the right to education perceived as solid foundation, consciously assumed by each and every individual.
The right to education must be promoted and respected by correlating with the evolution of the legislative, economic, and social-political system, through put control to the relationship between the students, the judicial regulation and the labor market. Such an education provides equality of chances for a continuous, varied and of good quality learning, with an emphasis on the skills, the attitudes and the civic behavior reported to the community’s requirements.
The purpose of education in the third millennium advocates the need for the transmission of the right to education by a culture in the spirit of the law, in which the judicial regulation is the epitome of the organization, the functioning of the rule of law, and also the guarantor of respect for fundamental human rights and freedoms.