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Standardization of judicial practice in Italy

Andrea Salvatore Romito

Clara Tracogna



The following study is meant to be a comprehensive overview on the Italian Judiciary: particular attention is paid on the Judiciary from both a static point of
view (Judiciary as an organized administrative office) and a dynamic point of view (Judiciary as a power in action). Starting from the Constitutional rules on
the Judiciary and offering a detailed description of the Courts system (organization of Courts, enrolment and careers of judges, their liability, number of
magistrates and law cases), the Authors provide an in depth analysis of the rules and mechanisms aimed at a uniform interpretation in order to avoid the
phenomenon of non unity of jurisprudence, which is although well-known in Italy due to several agents, such as an overwhelming amount of laws and law-cases.

The study also offers an analysis of recent decisions at the top level Courts in Italy (Corte Costituzionale and Corte di Cassazione) and in Europe (European Court
of Justice and European Court of Human Rights) pointing out the main issues and the solutions offered by Courts.