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Environmental and forest protection through criminal Law


On November 15th, 2016, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Romania in collaboration with the Legal Research Institute “Acad. Andrei Rădulescu” of the Romanian Academy, has organized the National Conference on “Environmental and forest protection through Criminal Law”. The event has also included the launch of a volume bearing the same name, edited by the “Universul Juridic” and the Romanian Academy Publishing House, reuniting studies by Prosecutor General Augustin Lazăr, Professor Mircea Duţu (Director of the Legal Research Institute), Prosecutor Elena Giorgiana Hossu, and Professor Andrei Duţu. Along Prosecutor General Lazăr and Professor Duţu, the main speakers of the Conference, speeches have been held by Erika Stanciu, State Secretary within the Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forest, and the President of The Constitutional Court of Romania, Valer Dorneanu.