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Bioethics - truth of law or law of truth?

Nasty Vladoiu


  The right to life implies the prohibition of any methods, techniques, means which can impair the physical or mental integrity. The right to life has other dimensions as well, as a result of science achievements of and biotechnology development; legal regulations must keep up with these dimensions. The future will be the one that will show us whether bioethics is the truth of law in this matter or law of truth will reveal the conscious and carefully supervised possibility of biomedicine to improve the human condition without competing with the Creator. Anyway, until then, the practical solution offered by the legislator entailing legally binding bioethical norms can be regarded as sufficient, because the biomedicine and biotechnologies are accompanied by bioethics. This would not be a valid option and the author considers that it would be impossible to ask scientists and researchers to stop work, but he strongly believes that the international legislator must carefully and thoroughly watch that every discovery in this realm of such complexity, namely Life Sciences, which would entail new rules of bioethics.