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A new beginning for Law Review

.Ovidiu Predescu

We have recently celebrated two years since the first issue of Law Review came out. Quarterly legal publication in English, in electronic format only, Law Review has published studies, articles, comments, etc. developed by Romanian and foreign authors (academics, researchers and practitioners in the public and private law sphere), being indexed in prestigious international databases.
Likewise, there were promoted and debated cases pending before the European Court of Human Rights and the Court of Justice of the European Union.
The main columns of the review along these two years have been: Studies, debates, comments. Comparative Law; The European Union Law; International Law; Human rights; Doctrine – Foreign Authors; Law Book Reviews, as well as coverage of major domestic and international legal events.
Concurrently, the materials published had a rigorous scientific structure, including an abstract, keywords, introduction, sections and subsections, conclusions and de lege ferenda proposals, as well as the column „References” comprising a list of authors (in alphabetical order) whose works were employed in the process of drafting the relevant studies or articles.
Starting with 2013, Law Review will appear semiannually, and the review’s editorial team aims to increase the scientific weight of the publication by complying with the relevant ICI criteria, by attracting well-known authors both domestically and internationally, specialists – theorists and practitioners – well-established in the field of law. Likewise, the review’s Scientific Editorial Board will be made up of university professors and researchers from Romania and abroad, with contributions valued in terms of law science development.
As well, arrangements will be made for the creation of a group of independent experts, Romanian and foreign, who shall assess from the scientific point of view and the ICI criteria both the worth and the appropriateness of publishing the materials submitted to the editorial staff.
In order to achieve the issues mentioned hereabove, the columns of the journal shall undergo major changes, the headings reading as follows: Editorial, Articles (Studies, discussions, and comments) and Reviews.
In addition, Law Review will have the following subheading: General Law and Case-law Review, which emphasizes our wish to chronicle to the entire academic and legal practitioners world the main issues envisaged by the doctrinal debates in Romania, as well as to put forth and debate upon certain controversial and uneven solutions passed by Romanian law courts. Obviously, these subjects, to the extent possible, will be reviewed from the perspective of comparative law as well, and the studies and articles covering the European Union Law or the case-law of the Court of Justice of the European Union or of the European Court of Human Rights will not be left out, either.

In the pages of the journal will be prevalently published materials related to the Romanian Constitution review process. A special place will be reserved to comments and debates on the new codes: civil, civil procedure, criminal, criminal procedure and to studies elaborated by valuable foreign authors – well known law theorists and practitioners.
Finally, we hereby express our hope that Law Review, at this brand new start, will capture the attention of readers in Romania and abroad, through the scientific weight, timeliness, diversity and relevance of materials to be published in the following issues, thus becoming a reference journal in the world concert of legal publications, able to meet the highest requirements in the matter.
University Professor Ovidiu Predescu, PhD